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First Term Report Telephone Town Hall Recording 2/27/2024

Nearly 4,000 DeKalb County residents joined Commissioner Ted Terry’s Tele-Town Hall. Team Terry fielded questions from community members while Commissioner Terry was interviewed by Nemiah Plant about the efforts he has spearheaded to increase environmental sustainability, housing accessibility and equity within DeKalb County.
The tele-town hall took place on February 27th and was one of six town halls hosted by Team Terry to connect with residents and share his recently released First Term Report.

Telephone Town Hall Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the First Term Report

Telephone Town Hall Part 2

  • Poll Question 1: Which issue is the highest priority for DeKalb County?
  • Participant Question 1: Regarding County Improvements and Safety
  • Poll Question 1 Results
  • Follow Up Question: What policies have you championed that helped DeKalb County earn “GOLD” status on the Atlanta Regional Commission “Green Communities” score card?
  • Participant Question 2: Regarding Environmental Protection and Redevelopment of Areas

Telephone Town Hall Part 3

  • Poll Question 2: What community enhancement would mean the most to your family?
  • Participant Question 3: Regarding Transparency and Accountability
  • Poll Question 2 Results
  • Follow Up Question: You have been finding some innovative solutions to address this [housing crisis] problem, please tell us more about your Cottage Court ordinance.
  • Participant Question 4: Regarding Maintenance Repairs on Apartment Complexes

Telephone Town Hall Part 4

  • Poll Question 3: What element of the DeKalb Green New Deal interests you the most?
  • Follow Up Question: Can you elaborate on a key component of the DeKalb Green New Deal? And what steps have you already taken?
  • Participant Question 5: Regarding Zoning and Stormwater Drains

Telephone Town Hall Part 5

  • Participant Question 6: Regarding Affordable Housing
  • Poll Question 4: Which area of economic development needs the most attention?
  • Participant Question 7: Regarding Economic Development in South DeKalb
  • Poll Question 4 Results
  • Follow Up Question: As Commissioner, what have you done to help our neighbors find jobs to provide for their families?
  • Participant Question 8: Regarding Noise Pollution from Aircrafts
  • Closing: What are the top 3 priorities you have for 2024?