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A plan to take bold, urgent action to combat the climate crisis NOW in DeKalb County. Want the latest updates? Sign up below


Our DeKalb Green New Deal is a people-powered organizing effort that will elevate the realities of the climate crisis, push for bold solutions and help enact meaningful policy solutions to protect our communities. This looks like clean and efficient energy, conserving nature and ensuring it is accessible, and environmental justice and equity.


Since launching in 2023, the DeKalb Green New Deal has built a movement of over 600 climate champions and passed 20 climate action policies, resolutions, and initiatives. Some of these include:

  • DeKalb County committed to installing Solar Panels, conduct an Energy Efficiency Audit, and composting in government buildings
  • A line item in SPLOST II for Clean Energy Projects
  • The passage of the Cottage Court Ordinance
  • Electric Vehicle Fleet expansion for DeKalb County
  • and so much more!

The 2023 DeKalb Green New Deal Summit was an opportunity for movement members to connect, learn about existing climate action initiatives, and chart out the future of a DeKalb Green New Deal

A DeKalb Environmental Justice Commission

To kick off the DeKalb Green New Deal Movement in 2024, Commissioner Terry has introduced a resolution to create a DeKalb Environmental Justice Commission. A resident advisory board that will elevate Environmental Justice concerns and prioritize action towards healing our people and planet. But first we need to hear from YOU.

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From updates about the latest legislation we are working on to videos from our most recent events, this is our DeKalb Green New Deal Newsroom.

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about the
Dekalb GND

Originally introduced during the 116th United States Congress, the Green New Deal is an all-encompassing public policy that equitably mitigates climate change and reduces greenhouse gas emissions while also creating jobs and prioritizing environmental justice.

Our DeKalb Green New Deal is a people-powered organizing effort that will elevate the realities of the climate crisis, push for bold solutions and help enact meaningful policy solutions to protect our communities. From volunteering to revitalize our landscapes to advocating for vital legislation that your Board of Commissioners and state leadership can vote on, my team and I are bringing the fight against climate change to the people, DeKalb’s people.

Communities across Georgia are experiencing the effects of climate change through unpredictable and disruptive weather, high energy bills, flooding, and extreme heat.

County Commissioners primarily oversee land use, planning, and zoning all of which have a direct impact in stopping climate change and preserving our environment. Commissioners have an incredible opportunity to enact big solutions on climate change locally- in a way that DeKalb residents will feel and notice.

The DeKalb Green New Deal includes a focus on:

A Clean and Efficient Energy Economy

  • A county-wide 100% Clean Energy and Clean Transportation future
  • A just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy
  • Saving American families money by weatherizing buildings and lowering energy bills

Conserving and Ensuring Accessibility to Nature

  • Expand regenerative landscaping and urban farming practices county-wide.
  • Enact a Conservation Community Development ordinance to preserve more green space in future housing developments, protecting our trees and stream buffers.
  • Bring back the park and greenspace bond program, to fund land purchases for permanent conservation areas, parks and recreation, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Environmental Justice and Equity

  • Expanding affordable housing opportunities and justice for our frontline and under-resourced communities, propelling forward environmental justice and equity
  • Saving the 2,000+ acres of the South River Forest for future generations.
  • Start a DeKalb Civilian Climate Corp to provide good-paying jobs building green infrastructure.


  • First year of Design Studios (2023 marks our 3rd year) with GA Tech and Ellen Dunham-Jones looking at how we can retrofit and sustainably redesign North and South DeKalb Mall, Memorial Drive, and Scottsdale
  • Productive Urban Landscapes at 6 DeKalb County Libraries as a Pilot Project
  • Cottages on Vaughn won the Atlanta Regional Commission’s 2021 Regional Excellence Awards for Innovative Development proving it as a sustainable middle housing solution and need for updating Cottage Court Ordinance
  • Applied for GA Power’s Make Ready Program grant to expand electric vehicles and installed EV Chargers at DeKalb County’s Sam St. location
  • Continued efforts of Commissioner Gannon to continue the study of the Peachtree Creek Greenway


  • 100% Clean Energy Resolution – 100% clean energy place to live by 2050, making it the sixth local government in Georgia to make such a pledge.
  • Passing of the Fruitful Libraries Transition Plan 
  • 2022: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office launches a program for detention officers to be able to take home electric vehicles 
  • 2022: Retrofit of DeKalb County’s Sam St building
    2022: DeKalb County Million Tree Initiative and the ReLeaf Program
  • Commissioner Terry appropriated ARP funding for stormwater investments to install the first roads and drainage bioswale at the East Decatur Greenway
  • Skyhaven Quarry Development: Preserve the historic Atlanta Quarry and donate the area for permanent conservation to the DeKalb County Parks 
  • Restarted Empower Clarkston program with Tekton to provide green training for Clarkston’s workforce who will retrofit and weatherize households to be more energy efficient.


  • Electric Vehicle Fleet expansion for DeKalb County including 2 new Ford Lightning Pick Up Trucks