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Because trees clean our air, cool us down, reduce erosion and noise, and support the natural environment, it is important to value and protect them. Read more about the benefits of trees here.

Trees Atlanta is an organization which works to improve metro Atlanta’s green spaces through planting, preservation, and education. They and their volunteers work to improve Atlanta’s urban forest through their activities in the metro Atlanta area. Find out more about how you can volunteer on their website.

Trees Atlanta’s Champion Trees Program honors the biggest trees of their species inside the I-285 perimeter. If you want to nominate a tree, you can find more information here.


An arboretum is a collection of trees. Often, arboreta will be organized by a botanical garden, but neighborhoods and other organizations can create them as well. Local arboreta also give great information about what kinds of trees are in the area, their history, and their significance.

Here are some that may be near you:

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