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Just Announced: Commissioner Terry’s Committee Assignments

District 6 Commissioner’s committee assignments allow him to continue his focus on public safety enhancements and vital water and sewer infrastructure work

DEKALB COUNTY – During today’s DeKalb County Board meeting, Commissioner Ted Terry (D-District 6) was named Chair of the Employee Relations & Public Safety (ERPS) Committee and member of the Public Works & Infrastructure (PWI) Committee.

The following is a statement from Terry in response to his re-assignments to these committees, which allow him to continue his existing work and move new initiatives forward:

“For the past two years on the ERPS committee, as chair, we’ve successfully focused on public safety enhancements, including expanding FLOCK cameras installations and new gas station surveillance regulations, increasing the minimum wage for frontline workers, and pushing forward proposals for better retirement benefits for Police, Fire and E911 personnel. 

“Our goals for 2024 will include continuing work on those important priorities from last year, while also moving forward legislation to create a Police Civilian Oversight Board and investing in health and wellness programs for all 6,000+ employees and expanding youth violence prevention programs run by DeKalb’s Police Athletic League, the DeKalb Youth Commission, and community-based nonprofits, such as the 100 Black Men of DeKalb, leadership and mentoring program”

“As a member of PWI for the fourth year, I will continue to focus on the vital water and sewer infrastructure system and EPA consent decree work to ensure the hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in the county’s aging pipes and treatment facilities continues in a transparent and regularly audited fashion. In addition, we’ll work to provide dedicated oversight into the SPLOST 1 & 2 project lists as it relates to road resurfacing, sidewalks and trail expansion, and improve mobility and transportation options for DeKalb residents, and follow through with a review of the results of an audit of the Sanitation Departments Recycling program to ensure curbside recycling does not end up at the landfill.”

“These committee priorities, in addition to my DeKalb Green New Deal Agenda and housing initiatives, will ensure that DeKalb County residents have well-rounded access to safety, wellness and sustainable housing.”