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Demolition of Mall Marks a New Beginning for North DeKalb

The following is a statement from Commissioner Ted Terry (D-6) in response to the demolition of North DeKalb Mall. Commissioner Terry passed zoning legislation that would allow for the demolition of the mall and make way for Lulah Hills, an ambitious mixed-use project that will transform the area with residential units, retail and green spaces:

“The demolition of North DeKalb Mall is paving the way for the Lulah Hills project, which will bring new life to our community. I’m proud to have helped secure the investment to complete the trail connection and create a commercial incubator for entrepreneurs.

“As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve integrated the principles of the DeKalb Green New Deal into this project, ensuring it includes affordable housing, sustainable design practices and abundant green spaces. These efforts will transform this area into a more livable and inclusive space for everyone. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact of our collective efforts in the coming years.”