CPACS Statement

The Center for Pan Asian Community Services has been a vital asset to our community for 40 years. I have been proud to work alongside the organization many times throughout my career. Most notably, I had the honor of partnering with them when drafting last year’s resolution condemning AAPI violence, xenophobia and hate following March 2021’s tragic shootings. I am saddened to learn of these recent developments. I hope the staff and board can weather this storm, but I am most concerned about the people who depend on CPACS services. I encourage our community to rally together during this difficult time, supporting each other and helping to fill the gaps as CPACS determines what I’m sure will be a brighter, better future. 

Roe V. Wade Statement

For 50 years, rights to bodily autonomy were protected. For 50 years, though challenged countless times, the right to choose was safe. Today, the Supreme Court took us back 50 years with the overturning of Roe v Wade, the first step to advance toward a nationwide ban. No longer, per the Bench’s decision, should a woman or someone who can get pregnant have any say in their reproductive rights. In a nation where gun laws have been overturned, where Juul e-cigarettes have been labeled as a more dangerous threat than bullets, we are continuing to see the rights of our citizens stripped away, now targeting those who can get pregnant.

While we knew this decision was looming, it does not make the sting, disappointment and sadness of the overturn of this landmark case any less potent. It also does not make abortions go away, only less safe and further out of reach for the poor and marginalized communities. To those of you devastated by this news, please know that I am with you. I am with you, and I will fight for you to have a right to your bodily autonomy. Decisions over your body should not be left to the government, and the consequences of this loom large.

Now is not the time to give up, though. The court may have failed us, but there is still hope if we fight for each other. Fight by voting to expand the Senate Majority in November. Fight by supporting organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Fight by voting in our state’s gubernatorial election. We must rally together and take action to protect the rights of our fellow citizens now, and every day going forward. 

It is a dark and heartbreaking day in our country’s history. May we all come together and grieve, offer comfort to those directly affected by this decision, and keep our spark to fight alive.

–– Commissioner Ted Terry

DeKalb County Board of Commissioners Passes Ukraine Resolution 

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (March 8, 2022)  -– The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners voted to support the people of Ukraine, passing a resolution allying the county with the Eastern European nation during the Board of Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, March 8.  The resolution was introduced last week by Super District 6 Commissioner Ted Terry, who sought to solidify the county’s stance as a global community against unjust conflict.


Standing in opposition to the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, Super District 6 Commissioner Ted Terry introduced a resolution that firmly cemented DeKalb County’s support of Ukraine and its people during the Board of Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, March 1. 

Terry stated that as a global community, it’s vital that DeKalb take a stand against the unjust and unwarranted attacks against Ukraine, which has led to one of the worst humanitarian crises Europe has seen since World War II. 

Commissioner Terry’s Official Statement:

“Today we reaffirmed our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and recommitted to our stance as a welcoming and compassionate county. The world matters to DeKalb County,” Terry said. “More than half a million men, women, and children have already been displaced in Ukraine. It’s more important than any point in modern history for us to continue to shine our lamp beside the golden door, to the tempest-tost, persecuted families.” 

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